About Us

Manitoba is a chorus of voices, each with a story to tell.

With the celebration of Manitoba’s 150th anniversary in 2020, we have an exciting opportunity to tell stories, to show off our destinations, to highlight successes, and to demonstrate the joy that can come from being United in Celebration.

Manitoba 150 will build pride in our home and deepen our bonds to each other as we: 

  • Discover our beauty 
  • Meet our people
  • Experience our cultures 
  • Explore our history

We are stronger when we come together, which is why we are “United in celebration – Unis dans la fête.”

Manitoba 150 is not a single event, not one program, certainly not a single voice. It is a year-long celebration of the chorus of voices that comprise Manitoba. 

So how can you get involved? By celebrating, exploring, and being united in celebration. Click here for more suggestions.