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May 12, 2020 will mark 150 years since the Manitoba Act received royal assent, paving the way for Manitoba to become Canada’s fifth province. The Manitoba 150 Host Committee is engaging Manitobans in the yearlong celebration of this momentous milestone.

The Manitoba 150 Host Committee aims to support initiatives and events that cultivate pride in our province, foster a profound connection with our diverse cultures and, above all, unite us in celebration.

Manitoba 150 United in Celebration – Unis dans la fête highlights the fact that our province is in the heart of the country, uniting the east and the west. The unbroken line of the logo represents our unity and the strong connection we feel to our home that is part of our identity, uniting us as Manitobans. The brand personality is welcoming and inclusive, proud and celebratory, exciting and creative. We are proud of our province’s beauty, our culture, our people, our history!

Manitoba150 Host Committee Inc. Members

  • Monique LaCoste Co-Chair
  • Stuart Murray Co-Chair
  • Cindy Carswell
  • Jackie Wild
  • Karen Chrest
  • Nike Bello
  • Edna Nabess
  • Sky Bridges
  • Hubert Mesman
  • Anita Malbranck
  • Justin Johnson
  • Adele Domenco
  • Brad Robertson (Not Pictured)

History of Manitoba, The Province

The land that we now call Manitoba has been home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years.

In fact, the very name of our province, Manitoba, is believed to come from several Indigenous languages, including the Cree word manitou-wapow, the Ojibwe word manidoobaa, or the Assiniboine word minnetoba.

Manitoba is the birthplace of the Métis, a people whose leader, Louis Riel, was responsible for negotiating the terms under which Manitoba joined confederation, as Canada’s fifth province.

Riel was instrumental in launching the Red River resistance and forming a provisional government to represent the rights of the Métis as well as all of the other people calling Manitoba home at the time.

Under Riel’s leadership, negotiations began between the Canadian Parliament and the Red River Métis, resulting in the passing of the Manitoba Act in 1870. Manitoba remains the only province to join Canada under Indigenous leadership.

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