Honour 150 Recipient

Dr. Katherine Kearns

Determined to educate and support Manitoba mothers, physicians, and students about breastfeeding
Written by Red River College student: Emily Chandler
Donation made to Villa Rosa
When it comes to the Manitoba medicine world, Dr. Katherine Kearns is paving the way for mothers.

Dr. Kearns is a mother of two, and as a Métis Family Physician, she understands the value of breastfeeding and having access to such resources if a mother has issues with breastfeeding.

Dr. Kearns recognized the province’s lack of breastfeeding medicine in comparison to every other major city in Canada. In 2017, Dr. Kearns and her colleague opened the Winnipeg Breastfeeding Centre, the first of its kind in Manitoba.

“Improving overall breastfeeding rates in our community and helping mothers achieve their goals also motivates me to teach other physicians and health care providers to do the same,” says Dr. Kearns.

When Dr. Kearns isn’t working, she is volunteering her time to provide educational presentations about Breastfeeding Medicine across the province, and by mentoring medical resident physicians and undergraduate medical students in her clinic.

“People are generally surprised at how complex breastfeeding is and how little they are taught on the subject in medical school.”

Through her work at the Winnipeg Breastfeeding Centre, Dr. Kearns has helped many mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals.

“Watching women respond, become more confident in themselves, and realize how much work they do every day feels so worthwhile.”

Breastfeeding improves the health of mothers and babies. While improving overall breastfeeding rates in Winnipeg, she is motivated to keep sharing her knowledge to increase Breastfeeding Medicine education and enhance support for mothers, physicians and medical trainees.