In 1870, Manitoba became Canada’s fifth province. And yet, the land that we now call Manitoba has been home to Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. In fact, the very name of our province, Manitoba, is believed to come from several Indigenous languages, including the Cree manitou-wapow, the Ojibwe manidoobaa, or the Assiniboine minnetoba.

A source of pride and a framework for our collective identity, Manitoba remains the only province to join Canada under Indigenous leadership. Métis leader Louis Riel, who led Manitoba’s first government, was central in bringing the province into Confederation and negotiating this relationship between the Government of Canada and the Red River Métis.

To mark our province’s 150th anniversary, the Manitoba 150 Host Committee invited Manitobans to celebrate, learn, build, and explore. We saw this milestone as an opportunity to tell stories, show off our destinations, highlight successes, and demonstrate the joy that comes from being United in Celebration.

Manitoba 150 invited us all to:
• Discover our beauty
• Meet our people
• Experience our cultures
• Explore our history

Although the celebration was delayed and then altered by the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Manitobans showed up, exhibited tremendous resilience, and in the end, demonstrated the spirit of sharing that makes us all proud. We are stronger when we come together, which makes Manitoba 150’s theme – “United in celebration – Unis dans la fête” – even more meaningful.