February 25, 2020

Hey it’s me, Toba, the one and only. I’m here to make sure you make the most of 2020 with all the exciting events and projects Manitoba 150 has coming up.

Big surprise, a polar bear like me thrives in winter. While it’s still cold out, make sure you go to one of my favourite spots, the Manitoba 150 Trails at the Forks.

1)      The lights make me feel like I’m skating through a fairy winter wonderland

2)      These hockey nets make me feel like I can play in the NHL. Think the Jets need some muscle?

3)      When I get cold I just hop into a warming hut… if I fit…haha

4)     Making friends is my favourite

5)      Afterwards The Forks gives me SO many local food options to refuel

6)      Tobogganing? Yes please! The Ice Chute is amazing.

7)      ALSO DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN CHECK INTO 3 PLACES ON THE EXPLORE APP?? That gets me so many entries to go home to Churchill and see my relatives in the north (well if they let me win).