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Manitobans are known for their generosity and community spirit. In fact, our province has the 2nd highest rate of volunteerism in Canada. In commemoration of Manitoba’s 150th anniversary, it is fitting to celebrate Manitobans who are committed to giving back to and enriching the place we live, work, and play.

The Honour 150 program aims to inspire future community engagement and leadership by recognizing individual Manitobans for their outstanding contributions to the well-being of their communities.

The Manitoba 150 Host Committee will strike the MB150 Medal to honour 150 Manitobans from across the province who are quietly making a difference in their community.

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Applications should be emailed to honour@manitoba150.com

Manitoba 150 aims to support initiatives and events that cultivate pride in our province, foster a profound connection with our diverse cultures and, above all, unite us in celebration. One such initiative is HONOUR 150, which aims to recognize individual Manitobans for their outstanding contributions to the well-being of their communities.

Honour 150 awardees will receive a MB150 Medal of honour. This medal will be designed by a Manitoba artist, and manufactured in Manitoba.

In this effort, Manitoba 150 is seeking:

  • submissions from recognized artists or graphic designers who are residents of the province of Manitoba to design the obverse (front side) of the MB150 Medal and Neck Ribbon for the HONOUR 150 program. At this time, we are asking for portfolios and general concept of a design only, and we are not asking for the design of the Medal and Neck Ribbon.
  • proposals from professional, qualified organizations or individuals (Supplier) for services in response to this Request for Proposal. The intent of the Proposal is for a Supplier to manufacture a minimum of 150 medallions and neck ribbons for the HONOUR 150 program.

Applications are open until January 31, 2020.

Medal Manufacturer – Request for Proposal Medal Design Competition – Call for Submission Medal Design Rationale Form