March 25, 2020

Top Ten things to do while self-isolating!

It’s not every year that a province celebrates its 150th anniversary, but it’s definitely cause for a celebration. Take inspiration from these fun suggestions from Manitoba 150 to find your own way to enjoy the year. Whatever you do, have fun and don’t forget to share your experiences (#MB150 @manitoba150).

Manitoba 150 encourages you to follow the necessary guidelines to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

Make your mark on history

Visit the Archives of Manitoba website, view some of the significant and interesting historical artifacts, and then choose something from the Archives of Manitoba’s holdings and tell them why it matters. Your selection could be featured on their site, through social media, or even in an exhibit!

Read Manitoba’s literary contributions

Read a book by a Manitoba author: Manitoba has produced some inspirational and prolific authors including: Louise Penny, Miriam Toews, Randy Bachman, John Einarson, Wayne Tefs, Martha Brooks, Margaret Laurence, Gabrielle Roy, Sandra Birdsell, Sheldon Oberman, David Arnason, Carol Shields and so many more.

Write your own Manitoba Story

 If you can’t read a Manitoba author, why not become one? Write a short story, a poem or song lyrics about your favorite things to do in Manitoba (don’t’ forget to share it #MB150)

Sing a Song

Have a lip sync battle to a song by a Manitoba artist or hold a dance party to Manitoba music. To warm up, why not start with some songs by Unite 150 presented by Bell MTS headliners Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings?

Learn at home

  • Go on a family outing, and create a photo inventory of any spaces you encounter that are not inclusive or accessible
  • Cook together as a family and try new recipes for nutritious meals OR do some healthy meal planning for the week with each family member contributing their suggestion for a healthy meal
  • Watch a documentary on Indigenous culture and have a discussion on what you have learned OR practice oral history by sitting in a circle with your family and sharing stories

Get Crafty!

What is the most creative material you can use to create a bison or polar bear? Why not take a walk and look for natural materials you can collect for your art project? Share your art #MB150

Baking Time!

Channel your inner chef and make something healthy, or try to put your own spin on one of these Manitoba delicacies (share your creation #MB150):

  •  Jambuster
  •  Imperial cookie
  • Honey dill sauce
  •  Shmoo

Be an inspiration

Manitoba has so many amazing and helpful people. The Honour 150 program, sponsored by Canada Life not only recognizes those amazing people, but hopes to inspire the next generation of Manitoba heroes. Why not start now by shoveling a neighbour’s walk? Video calling someone who might be lonely or need to see a friendly face? Smile at the next person you see, or if you’re at home with family, do something nice for the person you see everyday!

Inspire us

Post your ideas for how to Manitoba 150 on Instagram or Facebook! (#MB150 or @manitoba150). What are you doing to keep busy and celebrate Manitoba’s sesquicentennial?