March 26, 2020

At-Home Learning with Manitoba 150

When Manitoba 150 decided to work with WE, the pioneers of WE Day and affiliated charities, to create Learn 150 presented by Canad Inns, we thought it would be a tool almost exclusively used by teachers in the classroom.  But, then, we didn’t anticipate COVID-19. And I most certainly did not predict that I would be at home with my two kids (grades 5 & 7) for almost a month straight!

Suddenly, access to Manitoba specific at-home learning resources seems like a lottery win. Expected to keep my kids on track, stay faithful to my own work schedule, keep the house livable (especially since we’re all home making a mess 24 hours a day!), and feed everyone, the list seems impossible.

So, how delighted am I that the Healthy Food for Healthy Bodies resources are allowing me to roll a couple of these into one?

I’d like to believe that my husband and I have done a fairly decent job of modeling Canada’s Food Guide, but still, I tasked my kids with reviewing it, using some of the links provided in the resources. Then, I instructed them to work together (I know!) to suggest healthy lunch options for the week. I allowed them to use the images provided in the resource kit as examples.

And then, because I am a very strict teacher, I told them that they would have to make three of these meals (food on the table – another win!). Meal images from the resource kit – I tried to suggest easy to make options that they might actually eat:

Additionally, I might make ‘my students’ present to me why they chose what they chose to ensure that they understand the Food Guide and why it is important.

Stay tuned, and I will report back (possibly with photographic evidence…). If this works, maybe we’ll tackle the other two resource kits.

Once my kids improve our eating, maybe they can tackle accessibility in our home and build awareness about reconciliation.

No way this teaching business is easy, but at least I can boast that for right now, my kids are the two smartest kids in their class.

Written by Aimee Rice, Director of Communications